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Welcome to BrainGainSpa...
The Educational Platform That Helps You Earn While Learning.

Why Us

Why Choose BrainGainSpa?

Below are some exciting reasons why people love our platform.

BrainGainSpa brings together the best of learning methods to meet the educational challenges of every learner. On the platform, you'll have access to Skill Practice, well-curated past questions, vast E-Library and educational games.

With 24/7 access to this wide variety of reliable fun resources and a unique referral reward plan, everyone gets to earn while learning anytime and anywhere. 

Parades Quality Content

Rewards  Performance  

Very Easy

To USe

Offers Robust Analytics 


and Intuitive

Something Special For Every Student

With BrainGainSpa, consistency of standards is absolutely guaranteed. You are assured of what your child is learning. Our platform has custom tailored resources and materials that will enhance the basic educational proficiency of the African student with local content drawn from National Educational Curriculums and also prepare them to compete globally with resources from the British and American Educational Curriculum.

Our Brand Offerings.

How It Works

Educational Games 

Good games offer great ways of catching fun. If we are able to learn through them, they make life super amazing. We've got a line up of games too good to ignore. 

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It's time to take your academics to the next level

Embrace The Power To Become The Best Version Of YOU. 

Set the times most convenient for you and your child if you must be there when they are learning. With us, learning is completely student focused.


You can personalize learning based on your child’s ability. We take into consideration the individual differences of children.

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