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Our Corporate Vision
  Sets Us Apart     

Dive deeper into the perspectives behind our structure. 

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Taking Note

Our Company

BrainGain International Ltd, an indigenous Educational Service Provider, was set up to reignite and promote a reading culture among African Children and also enhance their mathematical dexterity from the foundation level. Reading is the scaffolding on which literacy skills are built and creating lifelong readers is well documented as a major factor in children's academic growth and development. And mathematics is the foundation of the sciences and all inventions. While reading is a good exercise for the right part of the brain, mathematics exercises the left part of the brain, thereby developing the full mental capacity of the children.

Our goal is to even go further and expose them to relevant resource materials that will enhance the basic educational proficiency of African Children by granting them access to a unique, remarkable, and affordable educational software product such as our recently launched BrainGainSpa platform with the British/American Educational Curriculum including our local content drawn from the National Educational Curriculum on various Subject Skills ranging from Grade 1 to Grade 12 i.e. Basic 1 or Primary 1 to SSS3. The platform also provides Past Questions and Answers from Primary levels to Professional levels as well as an E-Library of various genres among other resources yet to be introduced.

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Our Mandate

We are inclined to believe that this educational softwares which most people in the western world have access to; is what has given impetus to the high educational standards and improved overall student performance in America and across Europe. We believe if our pupils in Africa have access to these softwares, hence the introduction of BrainGainSpa, it will tremendously transform the continent as a whole when it comes to educational standards and performance.

If a skill is taught and not practiced, it becomes ineffective and the skill is soon forgotten. Our mission is to build a knowledgeable society by the provision of Quality Educational Services that will ensure that African pupils/students can globally compete with their counterparts as this will help to significantly improve their knowledge and skills and make learning fun for them.

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Our Painpoint

Our country, Nigeria is ranked 140 out of 140 in Primary Education according to the World Economic Forum Report of 2016. We have made it part of our objectives to ensure we come within the first 80 in the next five years, hence the introduction of the BrainGainSpa platform tailored to specific needs that will play a major role in achieving this. We have identified several factors responsible for the poor educational standards in Africa, this includes but not limited to:

  • Lack of functional Libraries

  • Lack of Literacy and Math Centres

  • Limited Access to and or usage of affordable Educational Softwares

  • High cost of internet access

  • Low per capita Income

This is where we come in, trying to bridge the knowledge gap and ensure that some of these issues are resolved and the required infrastructure is put in place. So, whether a pupil/student is seeking to hone their skills, improve their test scores or performance in their upcoming certification exams, or just simply trying to build a culture of reading, we believe our platform is the right place to start.

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