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Meet The Brand Called 

On a deeper level, understand who we are and the key reason(s) why we are here.

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Who We Are

BrainGainSpa is a one-of-a-kind platform that brings to you the unique benefits of eLearning and the opportunity to earn as your kids learn – and you too. It is an eLearning platform that brings the best learning methods specifically tailored to meet the challenges and address the gaps and poor standards of education and other educational challenges of the African continent.


The prohibitive cost of quality education leaves most parents with no choice but to accept whatever they can afford. With BrainGainSpa, the high costs associated with enrolling in high-quality educational programs are completely eliminated


With us, you can sleep easy, with nothing to worry about the quality of education your child is getting. You are guaranteed global educational standards for your child.

We don’t stop there. Learning is a lifelong thing. It never ends. That’s why we have some special resources for you as a parent or as an individual to deepen and broaden your knowledge. As a parent, show your kids by example that the acquisition of knowledge can never be over-emphasized.

These are some of the awesome benefits of BrainGainSpa, but we take it a step further, beyond any other platform anywhere in the world!

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Our Approach

With thousands of resources for children of different ages, BrainGainSpa provides unique advantages for children to learn at their own pace, in a fun and interactive way, wherever they are, at minimal costs, with world-class resources that match the best, anywhere in the world.

You and your children can plan their learning schedule. Determine what to learn and when to learn. If you want to be there when your child is learning, the BrainGainSpa platform makes that possible. The platform is yours 24/7. Set the times most convenient for you and your child if you must be there when they are learning. One major benefit of children setting their own learning schedule is the reduced stress and higher satisfaction leading to better outcomes.

Learning is completely student focused. Students prepare at their pace and are graded accordingly. The stress of moving at the pace of other students in a class is taken off of your child!

You can personalize learning based on your child’s ability. We take into consideration the individual differences of children. You decide what topics to focus on with absolute flexibility. Your child is not forced to follow a particular order.


They can focus more on a particular subject matter. They can skip over areas they are more comfortable with and focus on areas they want to pay more attention. They can spend time going over test and quiz questions to better prepare for any exam. Resources are also recommended according to the knowledge, skills, and needs of each individual student.

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Brain Gain Spa Logo.png
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The Icing On Our Cake

How about earning while your child learns? While you learn?
When you have a great experience at a restaurant or at the movies, naturally you will tell others about it.
That’s free advertising. You don’t get paid for that.

Nobody rewards you for spreading the word to friends and family about a great experience but with BrainGainSpa you actually get rewarded for sharing and spreading the word.
Our unique platform gives you the opportunity to earn affiliate commissions as your child or you learn. Because of the great benefits of the platform, we are sure you will love to refer and tell other people about it.

Tell. Share. Earn. It’s that easy.

Our affiliate program is open to everybody. All you have to do is tell others the benefits of the platform. When they sign up or sign up their children on the platform, you are rewarded handsomely. It is that simple. That’s why we say that We bring eLearning and Earning together.

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